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Gift Guide- Mother's Day (or Don't Buy Your Mother a Robe)

Gift Guide- Mother's Day (or Don't Buy Your Mother a Robe)

We have always known that mothers make the world go round, but the last few years have really brought that point home. In the middle of a global pandemic, we have seen mothers bearing the brunt of shifting workplace dynamics and school cancelations and general uncertainty. They have gone to the mat for us, to make things manageable and keep households together, even when the task was almost too much, often at great personal cost. They sacrificed and planned. They found ways to make birthdays under lockdown special. They canceled trips and convinced little kids that staycations were the coolest. How would we have ever made it through without them?

What mothers actually need now is systemic change and concrete support systems. They need paid maternal leave and childcare. They need to not bear the lion's share of the workload. And while we advocate for that and show up for them in all the ways we can, we are also only a couple of weeks away from Mother's Day, a holiday where we go out of our way to make our mothers feel loved and appreciated, even more so than normal. 

So, what should you get for your mother this Mother's Day? Well, you can start by taking a hint from this epic SNL skit and getting your mother something other than a robe! 



Listen, don't get us wrong. We love a good bathrobe. In fact, we have a lot of robes! And that's the problem. You mom probably already has a robe too. And it definitely wouldn't hurt to go out of your way to make sure she knows you're putting a lot of thought into her gift this year instead of falling back on an old standby, right? So, we're here to help you out with a list of genuinely interesting and unique ideas. Scroll through below for some of our favorites!


For the Mom Who Loves to Cook

Hedley & Bennett apron with Rifle Paper Co print & copy of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Herb Garden Apron & Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat Bundle, currently on sale for $120 

Once you start recognizing the aprons from Hedley & Bennett, you'll notice them all over. You'll see them all the way from on professional line chefs at your favorite restaurants to Instagram personalities, and with good reason! They are as durable and practical as they are beautiful. We are completely enamored with this bundle for Mother's Day. As if this gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. apron wasn't enough, this bundle comes with a copy of the amazing Satin Nosrat's cookbook, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. Having cooked our way through those pages, we can personally vouch for her genius- currently living off her kuku sabzi and her outrageous chocolate cake recipe! But if this print isn't exactly what you're looking for, make sure to check out all of their other amazing aprons. They currently have an entire section of bundles for Mother's Day. And we super love these matching Mommy & Me bundles for any mommas in your life who have a little who likes to cook with them! 


For the Expectant Mom

Kate McLeod bundle for mothers to be

The Super Mama Set, $86

We will never go back to regular lotion after trying Kate McLeod's luxurious body stones, and we absolutely love the collections her team has put together for Mother's Day. Top of the list is The Super Mama Set, which is unscented and perfect for the sensitive noses of pregnant mamas! The body stones have many uses both in pregnancy and after birth as well. They can be used to help prevent stretch marks, treat itchy skin, soothe sore nipples, even for infant massage! The kit comes with the Mama Stone Starter Kit, Mama Stone Refill, Mama Stone Mini, and The Makeup Bag. Don't forget to snag one of the bamboo cases. And check out her other Mother's Day bundles here. (Hint, hint: This is one of those shopping destinations that we would definitely recommend you pick something up for yourself while you are at it. Our personal favorite is the grounding body stone! The scent is just perfect.)


For the Mom Who Loves to Make a Statement

Claro Band The Ultimate Cigar Band from Altana Marie

Claro Band, The Ultimate Cigar Band, $1150

There are moms that love really understated jewelry, and then there are those with a more maximalist bent. For the mothers in your life who love big, splashy pieces, this is the cigar band to make her squeal. It looks equally as fabulous on its own or with other stacking rings, and the polished gold really makes it stand out. Different textures and finishes are available, but we're pretty crazy about it just as is!


For the Mom Who Lives in Tees

Question Authority Not Your Mama t-shirt from The Bee & The Fox

Question Authority t-shirt, $35

The Bee & The Fox is one of our go to destinations for great t-shirts. Super soft and great quality, they are always a hit. Their "Question Authority, Not Your Mother" t-shirt is our favorite to date. But there are so many great options here! We also love their "Don't Mess With Mama" sweatshirt, and we've seen their "Mama Bird" tanks in some super cute pregnancy reveals! If things are chaotic and she's got a sense of humor, we also love this one. (Might even have grabbed one for our sister with three tiny kiddos at home! Shhh!) Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong supporting this female owned company that keeps feminist values at the core of their work. You'll get a great tee that you can feel good about too. 


For the Mom Who Is Always Putting Together a Puzzle

The Big Picture custom heart puzzle from Minted

The Big Picture Custom Heart Puzzle, $42

We are just smitten with these custom heart puzzles from Minted. The design is perfect, and the puzzles come in a beautiful drawstring pouch packaged inside of a keepsake box. But what is genius is that you can choose your own level of difficulty! The Big Picture heart puzzle comes in all sizes from a 252 piece puzzle for the whole family right down to a 12 piece puzzle so that toddlers can help. Such a super family friendly idea! (And if you are looking for a gift for a young child to give for Mother's Day, this would knock it out of the park! Sentimental and practical in one go!)


For the Mom Who Needs Everyday Sparkle

Rose Gold Stacking Bangles from Altana Marie

14K Rose Gold Stacking Bangles, Set of 5, $125

It's pretty hard to choose our favorite thing about these stacking bangles, but if we had to pick, we'd say it's that they are so easy to wear everyday. Equally as at home on a mom wearing loungewear and running school pickup as they are with a little black dress and a date night out, these little bracelets are the perfect no matter the occasion. They are super delicate on but can still handle lots of wear, and they make the softest sound with motion. 10 out of 10 recommend! 


For the Mother Who Treats Everyone Else But Herself

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, $429.99

If you're looking to really go all out for your mom or maybe going in on a gift with family members, this is a goodie! The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is THE hair dryer. With a massive cult following, it promises to not only dry hair quickly and precisely but also protect it from heat damage in the process. The reviews are glowing, and it's available at most major department stores, so it's a great option if you're out of time to wait for shipping. Mostly though, it's a nice excuse to treat your mother to a gift she'd probably never buy for herself! 


For the Mom Who Can't Sneak Away to the Salon

Olive & June The Mani System Kit

The Mani System with 6 Spring Polishes, $85

The reviews are in for Olive & June's Mani System set, and everyone is raving! Particularly helpful for mothers with busy schedules and without time to run out to the salon, these manicures are quick and easy to do yourself with all the tools and training that Olive & June offers AND they last for ages! Win win! We love the color options and the easy extras to include, like cute press ons and fast drying drops. With the super cute packaging, it makes a beautiful gift. 


For the Mom With a Baby

Rose Gold Tiny Heart Studs from Altana Fine on Etsy

Rose Gold Tiny Heart Earrings, $120

As all moms with little babies know, big earrings are out for a couple years. Tiny tots just can't resist grabbing anything shiny and beautiful, which makes long earrings dangerous for a while. But if you know a mom with young children who would still love to wear earrings, these minute studs are just perfect. Done in rose gold and hand filed to show a second heart within the heart, they are delicate and just shiny enough to make mom feel special. Even better, fifty percent of the proceeds are donated to domestic violence shelters in the San Francisco Bay Area, so you will be doing good with your purchase too! Purchase the tiny ones or buy them with these slightly larger ones as a perfect set. 


For the Mom With Reading Age Kids

My Mommy the Superhero Personalized Book by Wonderbly

My Mommy The Superhero, $29.99

We have long loved the books by Wonderbly. It is so much fun to read personalized books with little children; if you haven't done it yet, we highly recommend it! They get so excited! And we were excited to see that Wonderbly has added a selection of personalized books for mothers now too. This superhero version is our favorite and can be personalized with up to three children, but they have other options under their Mother's Day collection. Right now, they're offering 20% off with the code MOTHERSDAY. 


For the Californian Mom

Candlefy California collection

California Gift Box, Set of 6, on sale for $99.99

Hailing from California, we couldn't help but add this one to the list. We discovered the candles by accident at an AirBnb in Yosemite, and we've been dedicated clients ever since! The candles smell simply amazing, and they have an unbelievably long burn time, so they last and last. The company is great too, and all the packaging is eco-friendly while the candles themselves are nontoxic and come in a jar that is easy to reuse. If you love the idea of candles but wanted a different set of scents, Candlefy also has a great line of botanical candles. Highly recommend this gift pack for a mom who needs some time to relax. Side note- for aforementioned relaxation, you MUST pair this gift with a quiet day alone in the house - no kids, no chores, no noise! That's the rule! Trust us. You'll come home to a mom that is super chill. 


So those are some beautiful gift ideas to get you headed in the right direction for your mom this Mother's Day. And what if even after all of that, you're still thinking, "Hmm... I think my mom might like a robe?" Well, then, this company is our pick.

Blue Silk Kimono Style Bathrobe from Kim + Ono

Hand Painted Cherry Blossom Kimono Robe, $230

If you're going to go for it, skip the terrycloth and opt for something more luxurious and beautiful. The robes from Kim + Ono are works of art. Many of them are hand-painted silk, and all of them are stunning! These are the kinds of special pieces that any mother would be thrilled to get. The sister duo that runs Kim + Ono have long been obsessed by kimonos, and now they use ancient techniques to achieve modern aesthetics. It's the kind of business we love to see people support. 


Too late to ship something?

- For a book lover, try a gift certificate so she can order some books. But skip the behemoth that can't be named, and buy one from Bookshop so you can support independent booksellers. 

-Buy a year membership to Skillshare for any mom who likes to learn new things or is interested in taking classes for personal development or business. They really have a fabulous catalogue- everything from sign language and social media to watercolor and foreign language. 

-Buy a new box subscription for your mother based on her interests. The upside of a gift like this is that she'll feel appreciated all year! There are too many options to list here, but some good ones to try: JourneeBox, an eco-friendly and sustainable gift box option, SommSelect's monthly wine club, hello four to six bottles delivered every month, and UrbanStems flower subscription service with weekly, biweekly, or monthly delivery options.


No cash to spend?

-Low on cash right now? A lot of people are. Don't fall into the trap of feeling like you have to spend money to show your mother that you appreciate her! If there's one thing moms understand, it's hard work. So skip the gift purchase and instead find a way to lighten her load. Some things she might like: make dinner for a week (remember, clean up is included!), wash her car, figure out what household chore she detests the most (ugh, for us it's putting away folded laundry) and take that upon yourself for a set amount of time, do the grocery shopping, etc. If the mom in question is your spouse, check Fair Play out of your local library and let her know you're reading it, take younger kids out of the house so moms with littles can have some alone time, let her sleep in every Saturday for a month (which means you better feed the kiddos and keep the house tidy so she doesn't wake up and walk out into chaos!), or plan a beautiful picnic at a local park where she can relax while the kids play. There are so many options. Trust that your mom will see your heart and be thrilled with any gift of service instead of a physical gift!


Whatever you do for the moms in your circle this Mother's Day, hug them extra tight for us. Those of us with mothers who are present and doing their best to show up are really truly lucky! And remember to check in on your friends who have lost their moms or feel the lack of a healthy maternal relationship at this time of year. It's not a champagne and brunch kind of day for everyone. Let's be really sensitive to that as we spread love and appreciation where it's due. 

 Much love, Altana xx

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