The jump off!

That's it, our collection is finally online! Thank the stars as it has been an incredible and long overdue milestone for us. It could have easily taken another year to get here, and I'm sure any creative person can relate to this. As an artist, I'm always over-analyzing the details, planning, reworking, and I want to get everything perfect before stepping out. At some point, it's pencils down eyes up and looking forward, even though you're not exactly comfortable with your final answer. I realize this is a journey to building something incredible, and each step is imperative along the way! Even though there are a lot of aesthetic changes to be made, I'm incredibly proud to have the courage to just get something live as a starting point. These last few years of my broken fingernails, exhausted hands, sore wrists, and overworked eyes have built an incredible foundation for this brand. We are so excited to be following dreams and employing artists within the jewelry industry. I cannot wait to see what comes for us in the future, as we have some exciting collaborations in the works! Please join us on this incredible journey, as we document our daily activities!